Wall Mounted


These hydronic Fan Coil units are designed for wall-mounted installation in domestic environments or service sector including offices and shops.
Part of an hydronic system equipped with a liquid Chiller, the wall-mounted Fan Coil unit generates cool air silently and with instantaneous reaction. During the winter, if combined with a boiler or heat pump, it provides warm air, making it possible to meet home or business heating needs.
A filter, which absorbs and retains dust in suspension, allows to keep the air quality at a suitable level and its easy removal enables continuous cleaning cycles to be carried out which are particularly important in order to guarantee suitable hygiene standards in highly frequented rooms.
It is provided with remote control, 3-Way valve, flexible hydraulic hook-ups for easy installation and maintenance operations, and is also pre-set for master-slave functioning, with RS485 serial interface. The units are equipped with EC Inverter motor that can modulate the air flow ensuring a perfect adaptability to the load without any temperature fluctuations achieving superior performance compared to the traditional solutions even from energy consumption point of view.

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