Sysloop Evo

Sysloop Evo

Air conditioning within small commercial or residential premises can be problematic, especially when there is no plant space to position the outdoor units associated with air conditioning systems.

Water-cooled methods are becoming increasingly popular in these types of applications. We use water as the heat exchange method to add or remove heat energy from the space in question.  This increase in popularity means that people can be comfortable at home and work no matter the restriction.

Sysloop Evo
Systemair Sysloop EVO - Water cooled packaged system

The Sysloop EVO is a new generation of Systemair water source heat pumps.  It operates on an environmentally friendly low global warming potential refrigerant R513A, with a GWP of just 631.  An inverter compressor provides low energy consumption and tight control for excellent comfort and reduces system noise levels.

A packaged system, the Systemair EVO integrates a ducted system within the compressor and heat exchanger module, reducing the space required for installation.  With airflows of up to 525 m3/h and noise ratings that meet NR26.  These key features create the perfect product for installation in occupied spaces.

Connections of ½ inch for water inlet and outlet allows simple connection to a maintained water loop from a centralised service or connection to a mains water supply.

High Cooling Efficiency


EER 4.25

With an inverter compressor, high-efficiency heat exchanger and EC driven fans, the Sysloop EVO records outstanding cooling efficiency
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High Heating Efficiency


COP 4.53

With an inverter compressor, high-efficiency heat exchanger and EC driven fans, the Sysloop EVO records outstanding heating efficiency
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Low GWP Refrigerant


Low GWP Refrigerant

Changing to a low GWP refrigerant has allowed the Sysloop EVO to operate with a refrigerant of a low global warming potential of just 631
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Sysloop Evo

Sysloop Evo

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About Systemair

Partnered with AUK from 2014, following the acquisition of Airwell’s CAC business.  Systemair provides fan coil units that are used to complement our hydronic systems and specialised products such as the water-cooled packaged, ducted split air conditioning system – SysloopEVO.

With a complete range of chillers and rooftop packaged systems, Systemair can meet a complete HVAC specification’s demands. 

A global organisation founded in 1974, Systemair, a Swedish founded company, are a partner who is dedicated to designing and delivering indoor climate solutions.

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