Project Description

1947 – The beginning of the Airwell story, a French air conditioning brand.

1950 – The firm developed and began the mass production of the first window unit, to offer exceptional climate conditions, mainly dedicated to European and African markets.

1970 – Airwell developed a split system unit by splitting its core window unit in two parts. It was the first to produce wall split systems in Europe. Opening of the production plant at Tillières-sur-Avre in France.

1982 – The company designed and produced the first European wall split system range including electronic remote control, a high technology cross-flow fan for low noise levels and rotary compressors.

1998 – The group acquired production facilities in China (Shenzhen).

2014 – Airwell set up presentation and training centres in France and worldwide.

An important part of the Airwell Residential strategy is to anticipate and go further beyond the new European regulations, safety standards and guidelines covering all the cycles of the product process from manufacturing to distribution and marketing.

Most of the Energy requirements today are related to the European Commission Plan named “20-20-20” to improve the environmental aspects of Energy related product, which dictate the following:

  • Reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 20%.
  • Increase the energy efficiency in the EU by 20%.
  • Reach 20% of renewables in total energy consumption in the EU.

Due to its international presence, Airwell Residential complies with the most stringent regulations and standards related to the product’s manufacturing, safety, energy and design.

Airwell products are designed as environmentally friendly and safe.

Airwell Residential is recognised for its reliability. A residential and light commercial range of products with an excellent quality which offers their clients a very big advantage on the air conditioning market. Present all over the world, Airwell Residential applies quality standards to its different production sites and strives to improve them continuously. The performances of our Airwell Residential products meet the EN14825 standard (seasonal energy standard).

Airwell Residential production sites are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as by most of the recognised certifications.

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