Panasonic Wall Mounted Etherea R32

Product information

The new Etherea with nanoe X technology improves protection 24/7. With a new sleek design, an outstanding efficiency A+++, advanced smart control that allows to connect with voice assistant, Aerowings 2.0 for the ultimate comfort and designed to allow for simple installation and easy maintenance.

nanoe X technology to improve protection 24/7

This advanced technology utilises hydroxyl radicals (also know as OH radicals), which inhibit the growth of certain pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, moulds, odours, and certain hazardous substances. This naturally occurring process has major benefits indoors and improves the protection inside a room 24/7. The nanoe X performance varies depending on the room size, environment and usage and it may take several hours to reach the full effect. nanoe X is not medical device, local regulations on building design and sanitary recommendations must be followed.

Sleek design with easy-to-use remote controller

Panasonic has meticulously designed a new chassis for the Etherea indoor unit for a sleek and stylish solution to blend with any interior. Its elegant monolithic design is robust and allows for a highperformance air conditioner, with a large air discharge area to optimal performance. The new controller intuitive design provides easy operation with five quick access keys for convenient use. 

Advanced smart control and voice assistant

The Etherea is compatible with Panasonics Comfort Cloud App, which is designed to manage all functions of the systems with a smart device. Control, monitor, and schedule with easy interface. Through the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, Etherea units can also be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

The ultimate comfort with high energy savings

Etherea produces the highest level of comfort thanks to Aerowings 2.0, creating a pleasant environment in any setting, with a low energy cost.



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