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Hidden VRF for indoor installation - The outside unit splits into two components: 
The Compressor + The Heat Exchanger.

Multi V M Schematic

The Multi V M VRF Modular type system provides increased freedom of design and low noise.

The heat exchanger module can be installed in ceiling spaces in both direct inlet/outlet or ducted inlet/outlet.

Possible to connect to an array of LG indoor units: 4-Way cassette, 2-Way cassette, 1-Way cassette, Wall mounted, Floor standing and Ducted types.

Equipped with LG’s own designed and manufactured new scroll inverter compressor (operating range 15 ~ 150Hz), Smart Load Control (SLC) and Wide louver plus fin technology to increase efficiency and heating performance, compared to conventional fin).

Installation costs are reduced due to smaller, lighter units, shorter pipe runs and reduced installation time.

Ease and flexibility of installation due to the high static pressure available and reduced unit weight.

Small size - both the compressor and heat exchanger units are compact and lightweight.

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LG MULTI V S HR 15.5kW Heat Recovery VRF


Industry first single phase, front discharge 6HP VRF system - 15.5kW cooling / 18kW heating.

Multi V S Heat Recovery unit boasts superior energy efficiencies EER - 3.90 / COP 4.39.

Capable of achieving an ESEER value of 8.05 and a heat recovery potential COP of 9.57, in nominal operating conditions and can provide heating and cooling simultaneously with the option to connect to the LG Hydro kit for the production of domestic hot water.

The Multi V S Heat Recovery unit offers a host of unique LG technological developments, including Dual Sensing Control, Smart Load Control and LG’s own 5th generation compressor equipped with High Sided Shell and a new Polyetheretheketone (PEEK) bearing.

Designed for small to medium sized spaces Multi V S Heat Recovery is compact and lightweight with considerable installation flexibility.

- For Small / Medium building

- Connect up to 13 indoor units - all indoor unit types available

- Dual Sensing Control

- 5th Generation Compressor

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