Multi V Water Heat Recovery

Product information

Available in a range spanning 22.4 to 244 kW cooling capacity, Multi V water has both heat pump and heat recovery to aid any specification that has limited plant space and the availability of a maintained water circuit.

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LG MULTI V Water IV is a water source cooling system for a highly efficient, economical operation. This compact and lightweight outdoor unit allows flexible installation.

Economical & Highly Efficient System

Adopting a water source cooling method, MULTI V Water IV optimises performance and ensures heat exchange performance for high-rise buildings, thus allowing electrical-savings.

LGs 4th Generation Inverter Compressor

MULTI V Water IV has high efficiency inverter scroll compressor with frequency range from 15Hz to 150Hz. It improves performance with low vibration and reduced noise.

Compact Size

The optimal design of the compact, lightweight outdoor unit enables double stacking, which results in 50% savings in installation space.

Light Weight

Easier to transport and install thanks to 13% reduction in unit size and 15% reduction in overall weight.

  • Variable Water Flow Control (Optional)


Technical specifications

Brand LG