Multi V Modular

Product information

LG MULTI V M is a modular type VRF solution that enables flexible installations for easy maintenance and aesthetical interior space. The split modules' highly efficient system saves both energy and space.

Modular Type VRF for Flexible Installation

MULTI V "M" represents modular type VRF which splits outside unit into compressor and heat exchanger modules to allow indoor installation, especially at hidden corners within interior spaces. It is efficient for markets where outdoor units should be installed inside or buildings with roof that is difficult to secure outdoor space.


Increased Freedom of Design

Additional structure installation or ceiling construction isn't required due to improved freedom of design. This makes replacement of the compressor easier, making the service and maintenance of products handy. Moreover, split module provide low noise operation in comparison to the integrated type.


Flexible Combination & Long Pipe Distance

MULTI V M allows up to 10 indoor units connection that can operate separately. The maximum distance between compressor module and heat exchanger module is 30m, while the maximum distance between indoor module and compressor module reaches up to 70m, enabling flexible installation conditions with split modules

Technical specifications

Brand LG