Multi V 5

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Available in 22.4 to 268 kW cooling capacities, the multi V offers either heat pump or heat recovery from a common chassis.

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LG MULTI V 5 is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high rise buildings. It provides maximum energy efficiency while minimising operational costs and its Dual Sensing Control senses humidity & temperature.

Dual Sensing Control

Dual Sensing Control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation.

An image representing the dual sensing control of Multi V 5.

  • An image representing the smart load control of Multi V 5.

    Smart Load Control

    Smart load control manages cooling load by sensing both temperature and humidity to increase energy efficiency.

  • An image representing the comfort cooling and enhanced heating of Multi V 5.

    Comfort Cooling

    Comfort cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations.An image representing the enhanced heating of Multi V 5.Enhanced Heating

  • Increased heating hour with delay in frosting of heat exchanger due to precise dew point prediction.

Ultimate Inverter Compressor

Ultimate Inverter Compressor improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor reliability.

An image representing the ultimate inverter compressor of Multi V 5.

  • An image explaining the enhanced vearing with PEEK material of the Multi V 5.

    Enhanced Bearing with PEEK Material

    Enhanced bearing with PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material increases durability and reliability of compressor via lubricative bearing material and refined shape.

  • An image explaining the vapor injection of the Multi V 5.

    Vapor Injection

    Two-stage compression effect provides efficient heating operation in low temperature conditions.

  • An image explaining the smart oil management of the Multi V 5.

    Smart Oil Management

    Oil sensor runs oil recovery operation only if necessary to increase compressor efficiency. It also balances and manages oil level in both compressors.

  • An image explaining the HiPORTM of the Multi V 5.


    HiPOR (High Pressure Oil Return) minimizes energy loss with direct oil return.

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