Low Temperature Split System (R32)

Product code: LG-1AW-LTS-05

Product information

THERMA V R32 Split 

The LG THERMA V R32 Split is a hydro box type system consisting of an indoor hydro box unit and an outdoor unit. The two units are connected by refrigerant piping only, thus hydronic components such as plate heat exchanger, expansion tank and water pump are located within the indoor unit. Due to the split nature, freezing will 

not compromise this unit regardless of outdoor ambient temperatures. 


High energy efficiency (SCOP 4.65 / A+++) 

Excellent performance at low ambient temperature 

(100% @ -7°C) 

Wide operation range 

(ambient : -25 ~ 35°C / water side : 15 ~ 65°C) 

R32 refrigerant with low GWP 

R1 scroll compressor 

Black Fin heat exchanger 

LG ThinQ 

KEYMARK / EHPA certification / MCS / 

Eurovent certification

Technical specifications

MPN HU051MR U44 + HN0916M NK4
Product Code LG-1AW-LTS-05