Multi V 5 Hydro Kit

The addition of an LG Hydro Kit to an LG Multi V 5 system provides a total heating solution for a range of applications. Excess heat can be successfully re-used for generation and storage of domestic hot water as well as for heating, via underfloor circuits, fan coil units and radiators. The energy savings appear any time during the year when a room needs to be cooled down. Typically during summer, the system will use heat extracted from the indoor units to produce sanitary hot water.

The Hydro Kit is a highly efficient solution for heating domestic hot water supply. This energy saving heating system takes advantage of ambient air temperatures and residual heat from other areas of the building through air-to-water heat exchange to produce domestic hot water for various applications. Ideal for providing hot water supply to commercial buildings in an energy-efficient way, the Hydro Kit has minimised energy costs when compared to fossil fuel alternatives, while achieving a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions. Medium temperature and high temperature version available.

LG’s Hydro Kits are available as:
Mid temperature – up to 50oC leaving water temperature.
High temperature – up to 80oC leaving water temperature.

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