High Temperature Split

Product code: LG-1AW-HTS-16

Product information

THERMA V High Temperature 

The LG THERMA V High Temperature unit is a split type that consists of a floor standing indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Thanks to cascade (2 stage) compression technology, it can supply high leaving water temperature up to 80°C with high energy efficiency.

This unit is suitable for houses which have poor insulation, older features or have to meet sanitary water regulations, which requires a higher water temperature. 


Excellent performance at low ambient temperature (100% @ -7°C) 

Wide operation range (ambient : -25 ~ 35°C / water side : 25 ~ 80°C) 

Cascade 2 stage compression 

R1 scroll compressor (for outdoor unit) 

Efficient & flexible design 

KEYMARK / MCS / Eurovent certification 

High energy efficiency 

Maximum 80°C LWT 

Only for heating (no cooling) 

Suitable for old radiator 

Black Fin heat exchanger 

LG ThinQ 

Technical specifications

MPN HN1630H NK3+ HU161HA U33
Product Code LG-1AW-HTS-16