The FZ is the budget end of the Panasonic wall mount range.

New super-compact design

The new compact design of the indoor units have a width of just 779mm. This allows for more installation possibilities, including the limiting space above a door.

Simple installation

Thanks to advanced improvements, installation time has been dramatically decreased. The new air conditioning models feature a reinforced installation plate, providing more stability and strength for a neatly fitted installation. With the newly built-in support, the unit is suitably designed for just one person to install. There is also a clear view and convenient access to the drain hose and cabling inserts. An increase of 13 mm has been achieved for piping so that installers can now easily ensure that the pipes and insulations are securely and neatly fitted.

Easy maintenance

Meticulously designed for both installer and user benefit, the unit features an easy to remove front grille for convenient access to the interior. The inner workings of the unit have also been redesigned to make maintenance quicker and easier. Electronics and wiring components are now on just one side of the unit to simplify maintenance.

Easy / hidden installation of the WLAN adapter

The latest model features a dedicated space for a network adapter. Easy to plug in, the guided wire slots allow for clear, easy installation and can be neatly tucked away - simple and out of sight!

Add CZ-TACG1 for internet control

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