Product code: LG200407

Product information

The LG Deluxe wall mounted unit, offers a range of benefits including the inclusion of a Plasmaster Ionizer filter to protect from odours and harmful substances.

It sterilises and deodorises, reducing harmful microscopic particles, utilising over 3 million ions by infusing the air passing through the air conditioner.

They feature Auto Cleaning cleaning the filter with regular airflow and removing harmful particles, preventing bacteria, mould and odours that can otherwise accumulate in an indoor unit. The larger Skew fan, incorporated enables the cool air flow to reach all extremities of a room, the Standard Plus 4-way swing louvres keep the space cool and comfortable. The Fast Cooling feature provides an optimised high-speed airflow which can cool rooms faster while still delivering air evenly in every direction. The Jet Cool mode reduces temperatures of outflowing air to just 18 degrees C for 30 minutes with just one click. By reducing the second vortex, which decreases airflow from the air outlet, and enlarging the fan size, the amount of airflow is increased by 13 CMM. The LG wall mounted units operate at 19dB low noise level quieter than a library - yet still providing healthy soft air flow in the property

Technical specifications

Product Code LG200407