Strict planning requirements are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate within the UK’s densely populated cities.  Local councils such as the City of Westminster insist that equipment should not increase background noise when measured in places such as residential or sensitive premises. They should not be visible from particular locations that would alter a buildings aesthetics or an areas appearance.

Airwell GCAO - A unique space saving solution

A typical air conditioning system will consist of a condenser placed outside, along with a selection of indoor units.  The outdoor unit will generate noise, mainly due to the air movement it generates across its heat exchanger.  Cutting edge technologies are used during design to minimise sound levels, and reduce product footprint, but still not enough to meet all planning requirements.

AUK offer solutions such as the Airwell’s GCAO water-cooled condenser.  These compact, single-phase split systems provide a specialised solution to negate the restrictions of plant space and associated hurdles. Covering a range between 2.7 to 6.4 kW with a footprint of just 0.2m2 the GCAO is ideal for small retail outlets or residential applications where water circuits are available.