So you want to know about us?

We were established in 2009 by the former management of Airwell UK. AUK Distribution started as a dedicated specialist distributor of Airwell Group products. AUK now offers a solution for almost all air conditioning applications; from simple 2 kW plug-in portable air conditioning units to 2 MW and above central chiller plants.

Our Brands - We only select brands that offer us innovation and reliability. That's why we have some of the best names in the industry and we stick with them.


Fujitsu air conditioning demonstrated just how much of a industry leader they are, with a triple award win at the National Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Awards in 2020.  Collecting awards for best AC product with the J-IIIL 50kW mini VRF.  Best AC Ancillary with their engineers service tool, and best AC project for the Hoover Building. Constantly striving to develop more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions.  Brands from GI Holdings such as Clint and Montair provide options for alternative low GWP refrigerants during selection, such as R452B, R513A and the ultra-low GWP HFO RZ1234ze.

LG Air Conditioning have recently continued their expansion to their R32 portfolio to include an industry-first mini VRF solution, joining an outstanding range of R32 Air to Water Heat Pumps.

A comprehensive range of hydronic fan coil units have been developed by Systemair with low specific fan power, and the GCAO water cooled split system from Airwell offers a solution like no other for small commercial applications.

     we are also delighted to have announced a joint venture partnership with SECON, a specialist renewables distributor based in Sunderland. This partnership will provide the opportunity to supply a vast range of complimentary products such as Air to Water Heat Pumps from a number of quality brands along with a range of ancillary stock items such as buffer tanks and pump sets to AUK’s customer base.

“Established and well stocked - renewables power house”


         "Things to Shout About"

“As well as the partnership with Secon in 2020, we have added Fujitsu Air Conditioning to our portfolio, which indlude AHU DX solutions as well as the award winning J-Series 50kW mini VRF, that stands alone in the market today.

Some of our feature products are also unique, these include the water cooled split system – GCAO from Airwell and Sysloop Evo from Systemair, a packaged water cooled ducted AC unit”


Thank you for taking the time to read about AUK. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced company. We hold long term relationships with both suppliers and customers, helping in any way we can. If there's anything you think we can help you with, then please, let us know.