Syscoil Comfort in national hotel chain

Syscoil Comfort in national hotel chain

AUK Distribution Ltd have provided 250 Airwell-Systemair SCC20 under ceiling mounted fan coil units into a Birmingham hotel.

Installed over two phases, the design required quiet, but efficient fan coil units with local control to connect to a reversible packaged air-cooled chiller.   Airwell-Systemair's Syscoil Comfort under ceiling units were specified as 2 port models with supplementary 500w electric heaters. These ultra-quiet under ceiling fan coil units will use the electric heat element to provide supplementary heating to a room when the central plant is still operational in a cooling mode.

Darryl Smith, Managing Director, AUK Distribution said: "This was a great project to be involved with. The SCC20 Syscoil Comfort models are Eurovent certified, providing 2.4 kW of cooling with a noise rating that meets NR33, ideal for a hotel bedroom.  Efficiencies are kept high with a specification fan power of 0.36 and we kept controllability simple through Airwell-Systemair's wired remote controller, providing an easy to use interface for mode change, temperature regulation and fan speed."

Syscoil comfort models are very versatile and can be installed with or without a casing surrounding the chassis so they can be located hidden as a ducted unit or used as under ceiling units as in this case.  Because of condensate drip tray design, the range can also be installed vertically or horizontally, making it an ideal choice for floor mounted units or ceiling suspended alike.


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