Alternative refrigerants, its all about the GWP

Alternative refrigerants, its all about the GWP

Embarking on an FGAS phase down programme, European legislation aims to reduce the amount of HFC refrigerants entering the European market to 21% in 2030, from its original baseline figure in 2015.  Quota systems have been introduced and are measured against the GWP of CO2.  A quota of CO2 is given in tonnes, this is then divided by the GWP of the refrigerant that is being placed on the market, resulting in CO2 equivalent mass.


Clint have been working to find alternatives to high GWP refrigerants such as R410 (GWP 2008) and R134a (GWP 1430). Discovering alternative refrigerants that are neither toxic or highly flammable is essential, but the refrigerants properties should also be quite similar to its predecessor so that large scale system redesign is not required.


Offering an extensive range of air and water cooled chiller products, including 4 pipe simultaneous heat pumps, Clint successfully provide low GWP alternatives across their product range.  R452B as an alternative to R410 reducing GWP by 65%, R513A instead of R134a with a reduction of 50%. And as one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants available, the HFO R1234ze with a GWP of <1.  A single component with the ability to be used in higher system charges than flammable propane or Isobutane.


Environmentally friendly whilst highly efficient.


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