When you need things just a little bit cooler!

When you need things just a little bit cooler!

Thermal comfort - evaluative and a general bone of contention within the workplace!  Over time we have evolved air conditioning products to provide a level of comfort with flexible application and pleasing designs, normally achieving room temperatures of 18oC, perfectly comfortable for the average person.  But what if we need to go cooler?


Applications such as wine and cellar cooling, gymnasiums and food preparation rooms, especially for baking, need to be much cooler.  Normally we’d apply some form of specially designed chiller unit to achieve this, but system design and flexibility would be restricted in comparison, not to mention the difference in price!


What if we could provide a unit that can maintain a room temperature at 12oC, allow 30m between outdoor and indoor units; with one 20m above or below the other, and still be efficient to operate, A++, in cooling that is.  Well, Airwell Residential have produced just the unit.

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